Medical Records

On Medical Record Technologies

Over the course of the last several years the government has mandated that medical records be kept for seven years and be kept in an electronic format.

This has led to a proliferation of proprietary formats which has made the integration of medical records difficult if not impossible. It has also made the use by a patient essentially impractical. The management believes that there exists a need for accurate patient friendly access to medical information that is not dependent on patient input or compliance.

As we have an aging population it has become increasingly important for these patients to have accurate information on the exact type and dose of their medications. This information is available from the pharmacies that a patient uses. Management is in the early phase of developing a business plan incorporating the pharmacy output to the label printer to be copied to a secure database specifically accessed by either the patient or a qualified first responder. This would permit the first responder to be able to immediately access the information even if the patient were not fully coherent. While the marketplace has developed several companies with similar objectives they appear at first glance to be dependent on the patient entering the data and they often require the patient to pay for the service.