Financial Services

On Financial Services

The Andre Meyer Group over the past several years has been developing proprietary financial software to assist institutions involved in exchange based transactions to develop a platform that is both more intuitive and display additional information in a manner that permits the user to develop strategies to take advantage of the increasingly volatile and fast moving markets. Recently a part of the platform was incorporated into a company called Money. Net with a very positive reaction by the clients. The platform was supplemented by an overlay that was able to point out different entities in a sector that were both more active and whose performance was either increasing or decreasing in value. This information was presented in a graphic user interphase which would permit the user to develop a strategy to take advantage as the situations evolved. An additional module of the financial platform after having been developed to assist in the projection of actionable positions to be taken in the securities environment is being modified to be of use in the commodities environment, particularly in the oil, gas and energy marketplaces.

The development of these type of tools is what the management of the Andre Meyer Group believes is needed to assist the financial markets to reinvent themselves in the current environment of high speed trading. The use of these type of tools assists the professional in the management of a portfolio and is what is needed to re-instill the confidence of the public in the street. This type of approach permits the financial services professional to combine the output of the annalist with the most advanced metric tools to take advantage of fluctuations in the market place as well as to choose those equities which they believe have the most long term promise. It assists in protecting the downside fluctuations while capitalizing in the small but meaningful increases of the security being traded. In short in either the volatile environment or the stagnant market it responds to the needs of the investor if properly managed by protecting against asset loss while taking advantage of capital appreciation and assuring cash flow.

The future of the underlying tools will be to alter the variables and filters to address different markets in different currencies and different environments. It is the opinion of the management that many of the filters and variables will be useful in developing the application for use in both foreign exchanges as well as in the gold and currency markets. It will become increasingly important to address the foreign currency risk as the dollar, as the sole reserve currency, is replaced by either a basket of currencies or alternative currencies. The risk is further complicated by the variable dates of maturity of contracts therefore making it even more important that the currency risk be addressed at the time that the initial contracts are executed. Recently the management has completed the formation of a joint venture with a leading member of the oil and gas industry and hopes to have a viable trading platform completed in the first half of 2016.

It is also the opinion of management that the energy sector of the market place may become increasingly important and develop characteristics of a currency in and of itself. While we do not see this developing immediately we believe that this may evolve in the future so that the trading of these contracts will require new and expanding metrics of evaluation and management. The tools that are currently under development may become important in the future development and oversight of this marketplace by helping to monitor and fulfill future compliance issues.