Andre Meyer Group

Andre Meyer Group is a venture capital group that specializes in investing in three sectors:


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Andre Meyer Group reaches out in these areas and enlists those individuals or organizations whose expertise help management to evaluate, invest and assist in the development of the projects it chooses to undertake.


The group combines foundation grants, angel funding and venture capital in selected cases as well as serving as interim management in the early phases until a complete management team can be put in place.


It assists in the recruiting of management until such a time as the organization has found the talent that can take the projects to the next phase. Andre Meyer seeks managers that have a long history of operational excellency.


The management believes that early development companies evolve through several stages that require different skill sets that are often not present in the initial startup. Those stages include an early entrepreneurial stage where the initial value proposition is formulated and the proof of concept is developed.


Usually the management in place is made of passionate individuals with a burning commitment to the development of the company and the individuals involved wear a multitude of hats from CEO, CFO, to VP of Marketing, to VP of Sales etc.
The second stage is a capital intense stage where the skill set is quite different where the company becomes focused not only on the development of the product/service but also on the raising of the necessary capital to be able to penetrate the targeted market. The senior management is primarily focused on the development of documents and approaches to the investment community. Each sector of which has a different set of approaches.

The investment community is often looking for management with a proven track record and financial models which take into consideration the uncertainties of the market place and show a value proposition that conservatively shows a return on investment in the near future. It looks for measurable goals and often triggers further capitalization dependent on meeting those goals in a timely manner.  These skill sets are very different than the early entrepreneurial skill sets.

The third stage can be thought of as the industrial stage where an enterprise has met many of its primary goals and now seeks to expand its footprint in its chosen sector of the marketplace either by growth or acquisition of other entities. Again the skill set for this third stage is very different than those required in either of the first two stages. It is therefore the position of the Andre Meyer Group that it will serve as required in management to help fledging organizations transition through these stages and assist in finding the necessary management and forming the proper structure for the investment partners as well as taking a financial position itself.